Unilever Pakistan and BPS highlight the economic impact of counterfeits



Unilever Pakistan has partnered with Brand Protection System (BPS) to organize a conference to highlight the economic impact of counterfeit products in Pakistan. The conference fostered a discussion among industry leaders and experts on the current laws, regulations, and practices in IPR and explored possible solutions to tackle this critical issue.

World trade compromises of 5% approximately counterfeit goods. In the Pakistani market, the FMCG sector faces 80% of counterfeit items.  The proliferation of counterfeit products has become a growing concern in 2022. The trend had a significant impact on the country’s economy, prompting businesses to take action.

Amir Paracha, Chairman & CEO, of Unilever Pakistan, highlighted: “As a responsible business, we must protect our consumers and the integrity of our brands. The rise of counterfeit products in the FMCG sector is a worrying trend that requires immediate action. Through collective effort and innovative solutions, we are determined to combat this issue and ensure that our consumers receive genuine and safe products.”

Muhammad Kashif Aslam, Managing Director, BPS added: “The growth of the counterfeit market in Pakistan has become a severe threat to the country’s economy. The proliferation of fake products not only affects the revenue of genuine businesses but also poses serious health and safety risks to consumers. The need for a comprehensive approach to address this issue is more critical than ever.”

The conference provided an opportunity for stakeholders to delve deeper into the challenges posed by counterfeit products and the consequences they have on various sectors, serving as a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences to develop a comprehensive strategy to address the problem.

The collaboration between BPS and Unilever Pakistan is a promising step towards combating this issue and safeguarding the integrity of Pakistan’s economy and protecting consumers from counterfeit products. The conference represents an important milestone in the collective effort to protect consumers and promote fair competition in the FMCG sector and beyond.

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