Nadeem Memon presides on departmental performance


Information Secretary Sindh Nadeem ur Rehman Memon chaired a meeting with the Directors of the Department in the Committee Room of the Information Department Friday. During the meeting, Secretary Information Nadeem-ur-Rehman Memon emphasized the need for Directors to enhance the performance of their respective departments.

Secretary Nadeem ur Rehman Memon specifically instructed the Directors to prominently showcase the development projects of the Sindh Government through various mediums such as print, electronic, and social media. The aim is to ensure that the public is well-informed about the government’s actions, including significant development initiatives undertaken for the welfare of the people. This will facilitate effective awareness of ongoing projects, enabling the public to make better use of them.

Furthermore, Secretary of Information Mr. Nadeem Memon directed the officers of the Information Department to strengthen relationships with journalists and media organizations. This collaboration will ensure the timely dissemination of information regarding the government’s development endeavors to the public.

Secretary Nadeem ur Rehman Memon also instructed the officers of the Directorate of Advertisements to ensure the prompt payment of advertisement dues. This will prevent any accumulation of old dues, alleviating unnecessary burdens.

Secretary Information Nadeem-ur-Rehman Memon stressed the importance of teamwork among the officers in addressing issues promptly and efficiently.

Director Admin and Accounts Muhammad Yousif Kabooro, Director Press Information Hasan Asghar Naqvi, Director Press Aziz Hakaro, Director Electronic Media Moizuddin Pirzada, Director Advertising Imtiaz Ali Joyo, Director Publications Mansoor Rajput, Director Planning and Development Fida Hussain Baladi, and other officers from the Information Department attended the meeting.

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