January 27, 2023

The local experts underline the need to raise awareness over valuing the toilets

The local experts stressed the people to raise awareness over ‘safely managed sanitation’ and valuing the toilets as many of the people yet do not have access to toilet facilities.

According to report of World Health Organization 280,000 deaths per year were being reported caused by diarrhea due to inadequate toilet facilities which become major cause of many other epidemics.

These views were expressed by the local experts and speakers of the event celebrated by Laar Humanitarian & Development Program (LHDP) in collaboration with WaterAid Pakistan to mark ‘World Toilet Day’ at Gym Khana Badin on Wednesday under theme of the year ‘valuing the toilets.

Abdul Ghafar Khoso, Deputy Director, Social Welfare Department, Sayed Imran Shah, District Deputy Education officer, Sarfraz Ahmed Samoon, Information officer, Tanweer Ahmed Arain, President, Badin Press Club, Haji Mehmood Ghuman, President, Awan-e-Sahafat, Sayed Zakir Ali Shah, District Manager, PPHI, Muhammad Jamil Sameejo, District Manager, SRSO, Ms, Sajida Talpur, Ms, Hamida Khaskheli, Professor Faiza Mir Parhyar, Abida Marvi Samoon, Advocate Ram Kolhi, Dr. Rasul Bux Memon, Iqbal Hyder Qambrani Executive Director, LHDP and other many people from different walks of life were attended the event.

Sharing that, experts said that inadequate toilet facilities were also the reason for the spreading the diseases like cholera, typhoid and polio in the world.

According to the speakers, a large number of people in the backward and rural areas of developing countries, including Pakistan were deprived of toilet facilities even in this modern era.

According to the speakers, women were most affected due to lack of toilet facilities in urban markets, bazaars, parks, bus stops and highways and other public centers, educational institutions, and government buildings.

Physical and Physcological need

‘The imperative of providing facilities that take into account physical and psychological needs of women that can be achieved through the active participation of women in the design and placing the facilities specifically for women’ they added.

On the occasion, Sawan Khaskheli, representative of LHDP said that as a result of the efforts of the Asian country, the 193-member General Assembly of the United Nations decided to celebrate ‘World Toilet Day’ for on November 19 by approving a resolution.

‘This resolution was signed by one hundred and twenty-one members of different states, the purpose was to celebrate a day at every year to draw attention to the non-availability of the basic facility and the problems related to it at the global level, he added.

Difficulty in Urban & Rural area

In order to highlight the problems and difficulties of toilets in urban and rural areas safely managed sanitation, in the second session of the program, the students of Govt Girls Marvi Degree College and Government Islamia Degree College Badin have introduced their concept over World Toilet Day in the shape of fine art and conveyed the message though their fine drawings.

At the end of the ceremony, prizes have also distributed among the first position, second and third position holders and other outstanding students.

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