January 27, 2023

FC visit Badin for rainfall damages

The Committee of Federal Ministers formed by Prime Minister of Pakistan to determine the real facts and figures of damages of recent heavy downpour, has visited the different heavy rainfall affected areas of district Badin and discussed the current situation with people of flood affected area where people nitpicked regarding immediate dewatering from low-lying areas when journalists went back without the attending the Press briefing because of huge delay by Federal Committee members.

The Federal Committee comprising on Sherry Rehman, Federal Minister for Climate Change, Sayed Amin-Ul-Haq, Federal Minister for Information and Technology, Kheal Das Kohistani, Member of National Assembly has reached at Badin on Tuesday while on the occasion, Muhammad Ismail Rahu, Provincial Minister for Universities and Board, Pir Noorullah Qureshi, Special Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh, Taj Muhammad Mallah, Member of Provincial Assembly, Slaman Shah, DG, Provincial Disaster Management Authority, Sindh, Agha Shahnawaz Khan, Deputy Commissioner Badin and others received the members of Federal Committee on their arrival at Badin.

While visiting different low-lying areas of Badin, Federal Minister’s Committee has expressed that entire world including Pakistan were facing dire challenges of “Climate Change” saying that their visit aims to review ongoing relief work, evaluating the ground situation and to determine the facts and figures of heavy rainfall damages in district Badin as they can submit recommendations to the provincial and Federal Governments for the more relief and rehabilitation of the people of rain affected areas of district Badin.

The flood affected people of low-lying areas of Badin grumbled that their houses and streets in low-lying areas of Badin were inundated with rain water and demanded to provide immediate facilitation to drain out the accumulated rain water and provide the relief to them.

A large number of men, women and children also held protest demonstration in front of the Badin Press Club, demanding immediate draining out the rain water from their houses and streets in low-lying areas when people of rain-affected areas also alleged that due to the illegal encroachment of the influential on the area of local drainage, rain water of city was not being drained out smoothly which might to affect the large population of the city.

Later on, the Federal Committee was also given and detailed briefing on current situations, facts and figures of rainfall’s damages and progress of ongoing relief work in district by Agha Shahnawaz Khan, Deputy Commissioner Badin at his office. Other hand, after waiting continuously for more than two hours and delay of the federal ministers to hold press briefing, the local journalists went back sans attending the presser.

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