January 27, 2023

Province is rich with natural resources

Yasmeen Shah pointed towards the protection of our avilable natural resources

Convener of Pakistan Echo Social Movement (PESM), Ms Yasmeen Shah said that Sindh Province is rich with natural resources but unfortunately either provincial or Federal Government has failed to protect it.

Ms Shah told on Tuesday in a presser at Badin, that major environmental issues in Sindh province are identified as degradation of fresh water bodies, air pollution, noise levels in urban centers, industrial and municipal Solid Waste, Industrial Toxic Waste, destruction of ecosystems, deforestation & desertification, contamination in ground water excessive use of pesticide and fertilizer and improper disposal of Infectious Hospital waste.

She added that untreated pollutants from industrial and urban sources which were released directly into water bodes which intended for human consumption, with little regards for assimilated in capacity of eco-systems that create disturbance for people of the province and resulted heavily polluted water around towns and cities and high incidence of disease.

There is an urgent need to address the health and environment effects associated with urban air pollution in Sindh Province and to promote more effective frameworks to address urban sources of air pollution, she added.

She told that finally Pakistan Echo Social Movement (PESM) has been formally launched and started work in across the country and plan to work globally too adding that it also strive for the alternative livelihood resources for the poor people of the province.

On the occasion, Aslam Mallah, Central Communication Secretary, PFF, Abdul Rahim Chandani, Muhammad Umar Mallah, Rabdino Mallah, Muhammad Musa Mallah and others were also present.

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