January 27, 2023

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi launches Samina Nazir’s book “Kallo”

The launching ceremony of Sameena Nazeer’s book Kallo held at Ahmad Shah Hall, Arts Council. On this occasion, Kaif Ghaznavi said that Samina’s style of expression and writing is very bold, her choice of words is excellent.

kallo art-council

There is a charm in her story that makes the story more beautiful. Akhlaq Ahmed said that if you read and write fiction or intend to do so in the future, then you must read the first paragraph of this book today and you will be amazed the way I did.

He said that he knew Samina not only as a novelist but also in terms of acting. She has also created some masterpieces, If you read them, you will be convinced. Hoori Noorani said that when I first listened to her fiction “Kallo” I fell in love with her I worked on her book for a year and felt her characters inside me. The perfection of Sameena Nazeer’s art. Jameel Abbasi said that this skill of combining words which we call a story is the invention of a woman.

Today, even in the age of technology, Sameena Nazeer connects stories with paper and pen. I congratulate her. Sharaf Awan said that all the stories of Sameena Nazeer are perfect. I had the opportunity to re-read through her book.

Rafaqat Hayat said that “Kallo” is not only the title story of this book but also the life of this book. After reading it, it seems that Ismat Chughtai has left Urdu fiction in the place where Samina Nazir has expanded it. Writer Noor ul Huda Shah said that when I first listened to her, I listened to her again and again. It is a great pleasure that another fiction writer has come to Pakistan who speaks and writes openly.

Author  Sameena Nazeer said, ‘I am a writer’, ‘I enjoy doing every form of art’, ‘I love writing, acting, & painting’. On this occasion, while congratulating Samina Nazir, President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah Presented the bouquet.  The book launch was moderated by Wusatullah Khan

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