January 27, 2023

Pak Navy Submarine Force and Hangor war action

In 1964, Pakistan Navy successfully raised PN Submarine Force as a lead sub-surface arm of Pakistan Navy. It has now a commendable history spanned over five decades. PN Submarine service bestowes for peace time covert military reconnaissance and intelligence operations as well as conducting the offensive strikes on enemy in the times of war.

Pakistan Navy Submarine Force has always been on forefront against any retaliation by enemy. It has always completed the assigned tasks with best of its abilities. PN Submarine Force is not only the first to operate in the region but also has the distinct honour of scoring the first kill (Indian frigate KHUKRI in 1971 war) from a submarine after the end of the World War II.

PN submarine commissioned PNS/M GHAZI, Ex USS DIABLO in 1964. PNS/M GHAZI participated in Rann of Kutch crisis and showed her full potential in the 1965 war. GHAZI deployment in 1965 war deterred IN units to remain inside the Bombay harbourduring the entire period of war. PNS/M GHAZI returned harbour safe with the honour from war being GHAZI like its namesake. Pakistan Navy soon after this realized the value of a submarine force and acquired three Daphne-class submarines from France, the heroic PNS/M HANGOR being one of them.

1971 War

During the war of 1971, PNS/M HANGOR hunted INS KHUKRI and INS KIRPAN. INS KHUKRI sank within three minutes and INS KIRPAN was heavily damaged whereas PNS/M HANGOR returned safely to harbour after frustrating and denying enemy searches and attacks. With this heroic action, HANGOR and its crew became a symbol of pride for Pakistan and a nightmare for India. PNS/M GHAZI, the veteran of 1965 war, thousands mile away from homeland, embraced Shahadat in an unfortunate incident while performing a very risky but important offensive mine laying operation in the enemy water of VISHAKHAPATNAM.

After the war, Pakistan acquired Daphne class submarine from Portugal and named it PNS/M GHAZI. In the late 1970s, Pakistan Navy acquired two AGOSTA-70 class submarines from France, which are still in service as PNS/M HASHMAT and PNS/M HURMAT.

The contract for three AGOSTA-90B class submarines was finalized with France in late 1990s. These three submarines are in service as PNS/M KHALID. SAAD and HAMZA. Daphne class submarines decommissioned in 2005. Throughout this period, the submarine has performed the tasks assigned in meticulous fashion in peacetime. In the time of crisis, the force remained ever-ready and participated with regular war patrols and deployments in enemy waters.

To meet the ever increasing operational commitment of the submarine force. Pakistan signed the contract to purchase eight submarines (HANGOR CLASS) from china in 2016. Four of the submarines are planned to be built in Pakistan while the remaining four will be built at China. These submarines will be fitted with AIP system. The delivery of the vessels will be completed in the upcoming years. The addition of eight submarines will be a significant enhancement of the submarine force. Pakistan Navy has also signed contracts for upgradation of AGOSTA-70s and AGOSTA-90B class submarines.

After Pulwama attack

In recent past, after Pulwama attack, tension among the two nations raised to high levels. PN submarines remained in areas throughout the period of tension ready to respond to any retaliation. Submarines posed real threat to IN Fleet and kept them away from entering Pakistani waters.

The motivated, patriot and courageous men commits to serve their motherland with best of their abilities and strengths through a long depolyment of submarines. PN submarine force will forever remain a major combatant available to the nation, ever ready to complete the assigned tasks and missions.

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