January 27, 2023

Since many days, it has been observed that feminist insulted by different factors. Honour killing is the worst form of brutality; society doesn’t allow this. The role of women in Pakistan is very important. there is proverb that give me good mothers I shall give you good nation, even In Islam, there is vital role of women and unlocked the door to women to wade through all the fields of struggle in life side by side with men, supporting each other, helping, and completing one another. They perform very well. Islam recognized the importance of women.

That`s why, Islam give equality between men and women. Pakistan is developing country no doubt Pakistan has produced greatest leaders and women represented around the world such as Fatima Jinnah, Begum Liaquat Ali Khan, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and Arifa Kareem, we have also living legends for instance Asma Jahangir, Bulquis Edhi, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and there are many women who does noble things. The role of women in our society has been significantly overseen in the last few decades, but now is coming to a more perspective to people. A woman plays many roles such as mother, sister, daughter and wife besides, doing all basic chores like cooking, washing and cleaning instead of this, our society couldn’t give the esteem.

However, recently girls’ appearance become malevolent in our society – An eight-year-old girl has been beaten; and consequently murdered by two men in Bahawalpur on Thursday. Not only this case but also many cases are increased during the 7 days, Man has gunned down his daughter and son-in-law among three persons because she married a woman with her choice in Lahore. It is infringed and against the society, this type of incident showing us yet Pakistan is illiterate although there isn’t progress and implementation of policies according to Pakistan Constitution which gives the protection on equal based. Due to Jirga and Wadera system, this system degrade our country – it was Samra Eight year old girl forced into marriage to reconcile clash in Mansehra.

However there was old clash between two families later on Jirga (Councilors) has decided to bring Samra. nowadays it becomes a Business, This is really disgraceful and sorry to say I’m feeling awful for being “Pakistani”, I meant what is going on? Is it democratic country? There are many questions which surprised to me. There isn’t implementation of laws albeit Law makers are facing the critical issues and sitting women MNA’s are also facing the problem, keeping this fact, recently Khawaja Asif called Shireen Mazari ‘tractor trolley’ no doubt, it is insult of sitting women MPA’s and MNA’s. It is showing that they can’t protect and defense themselves then how will they pretend and protect others women?

In 2016, A 17-year-old girl along with her husband and another man were shot and killed by her father following an argument, in fact third man was helped to couple marriage and he was neighbor of them. While another incident happened in Hyderabad – A minor girl was allegedly raped by an adolescent boy at Mairasi Mohallah in Hyderabad. A boy was just 16 year old and raped 6 year old girl. He brought 6-year-old girl into his house where they had assaulted her, taken away her earrings and later killed her. In addition, the recent rape case in Lahore Motorway incident has completely tremoring to every citizen whoever lives in Pakistan. The culprits have raped the married women in front of their kids. This was completely ridiculous and horrific gang rape of women; it has shocked the entire nation and triggered countrywide outrage as questions as questions are being raised over the incident across the Pakistan.

It has been reported that many times Anti-Honour killing and Anti Raped Bill passed in Assembly but there is no effect and control which leads to immoral and depraved. In such cases media should play the intermediary role by highlighting and making the documentary reports or they may start awareness advertisement, it would be benefitted for our society. Law must be exercise and adopt comprehensive law against honour killing in Pakistan.

Empowering children and women means creating the opportunity towards polishing the leadership qualities in them at the end, we can build a progressive Pakistan.

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