Water Conference urges the govt to ensure agri-water to tail ends



BADIN: Water Conference urged the provincial Govt to make sure the  water to the tail-ends of agri-water in district Badin.

Hundreds of the water experts, farmers and growers representatives of different political, social and religious parties hailing from different towns and cities participated in the water conference held at Badin Press Club on Saturday.
The Water Conference was organized by “Save Badin Committee” on nagging crisis and its devastating impacts on agriculture and economic condition of the residents of Badin district .

The speakers of Badin water conference including Mir Ghulam Rasul Talpur, Nawaz Shah Bhadai, Khalil Ahmed Bhurgari, Ameer Azad Panhwar, Sayed Khuda Dino Shah, Ghafoor Chandio, Dr. Soomar Khoso, Nakash Alwani, Aziz-ullah Dero, Shah Nawaz Siyal, Zafar Shah and others stresses the Govt to release the required quality of irrigation water in the canal irrigating Badin district.

The speakers of conference speaking in the conference depored that due to worst water crisis in the coastal belt of district had already wreaked havoc with environment and smashed economic condition of the district for past many years.

They said that “Save Badin Committee” was a strong platform for the people of Badin with taking ownership of all deprived and depressed people of district Badin adding they alleged that district Badin was being destroyed for the petty interests and govt completly foiled to overcome the worsen water crisis.

They said that more than a million fertile land have been made barrens through hidden conspiracy meanwhile same amount of land at others barrages were being made fertile through stolen water adding that thier struggle now was being entered in crucial phase where its need to turn its as political strive to get its objectives.

They said that more than 40 cusic water share of district Badin was being stolen., adding that provincial Govt, SIDA.and other water bodies were involved in the water theft.

They urged that it was high time exert more  pressure on  the government to devise the strategies to face the monsters by framing the sustainable policies and plans adding that worsen and severe artificial water shortage and and sea intrusion would bring more widespread  devastation in the whole region  if the remedial measures were not taken timely by the rulers.

” Playing with the natural flows of water as were designed by the then water experts and engineers  when barrage system was  being introduced in Sindh,  will also cause widespread devastation in case of more than normal rains or flood-like situation in rivers” thet added.

They criticized the officials of irrigation and SIDA department for carrying out the faulty designs in the flows of canals just to divert the water to the lands of the influential people.

” The  blockages, construction of the flood canals and theft of water through the illegal direct outlets and tampered modules are the main factors behind the bitter fact that despite the much water the tail-end areas are still without water” they added.

Speakers also lashed at the rulers for their alleged  callousness  towards the historic peaceful struggle launched by the farmers of the district.

” It is matter of the serious concern that Badin district is irrigated by the canals from both Sukkur and Kotri barrages but share of the water of the farmers is always stolen by the landlords with the connivance of irrigation officials” they added. Speakers addressing the water conference  held the officials of both SIDA and irrigation officials responsible for their plight.

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