Talks with SIDA ends with no result, growers assert


According to details, Special Assistants of CM for Irrigation Department, Ashfaq Memon, Chairman, Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority (SIDA), Abdul Basit Soomro, Managing Director, SIDA, Wali Mohammad Naich, Deputy Commissioner Badin, Hafeez Ahmed Siyal visited district Badin and called on with growers of district in Darbal Hall Badin on Thursday and initiated talks with them over issue of shortage of water in district Badin and water reach till tail-end but ended with no result.

The representatives of the growers of district Badin and members of Badin Bachayo Committee (Save the Badin Committee) including Mir Noor Ahmed Talpur, Khalil Bhurgari, Azizullah Dero, Khuda Dino Shah and others held talks with SIDA officials over the settling the Badin’s burning issue of acute shortage.

While holding talks, the growers termed shortage of water in district Badin because of illegal installed obstructions at Ali-pur regulator, Imam Wah regulator and other spot of canals and supplementary canal, water theft by influential, continued absence of the irrigation staff from their duties including engineer and SDO irrigation adding they demanded removal of unjustified water division of Kotri Barrage.

Growers told the committee that Badin was facing acute shortage of water from last more than six months in different canals and they were unable to cultivate the crops consequently their economic condition went worst.

While talking with growers, Ashfaq Memon maintained that Badin Bachayo committee should nominate the members for committee that has to discuss the water shortage related issues and prepare the plan amid to resolve the matters.

Adding he told that all obstructions were installed on different locations of canals with consultation and given billions of budget by World Bank  so it is no right of us to declare it as wrong or right.

Other hand, growers of Badin asserted that talks with SIDA officials were ended by gaining no results and announced to continue their protest against water shortage.

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