Education is the basic right of every human being: Shamim Ara Panhwar

Women International Day


Education is the basic right of every human being and most important key that opens the door to the bright future of an individual. Islam protects women’s rights and respect given by it to women lacks parallel in any other religion.

These views were expressed by Shamim Ara Panhwar, Member of Provincial Assembly, while addressing the participants of Women International Day celebrated by Laar Humanitarian and Development Program (LHDP) on Wednesday.

Addressing the participants of event, Ms. Shamim Ara said that “We have to face these challenges while seeking guidance from the teachings of Islam”.

Poverty and ignorance will have to be eliminated and it can only be achieved by fighting intolerance and extremism that have created chaos in the country.

On the occasion Shamim Mari, Afroz Bajwa, Waseem Ahmed, Brigadier, Naem Memon, Abdullah Saraz, manager, Operation, LHDP and others speakers while addressing said that the numbers indicate that many girls, whether willingly or unwillingly, are left uneducated. It will not be wrong to say that every girl’s education depends on the male members of her family who make the decisions for her.

Adding they said half of the population of Pakistan consists of women and the goal of development cannot be achieved without their participation in all walks of life.

They said that the major cause of female illiteracy is marriage of girls at a young age, with the result that many girls do not complete their school and college education.

They said that we all know that the progress of any country depends on the potential of its people. Therefore, if education is provided to all children, the country develops faster.

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