Every union committee in the district, complete Parks renovation and many other projects

Every union committee in the district, complete Parks renovation and many other projects.


Chairman Bilawal Rihanna Hashmi visited the Righteous Family Park in New Karachi Zone Union Committee No. 6, ongoing ongoing construction in the park, on the occasion, Vice Chairman of Union Committee No. 6, Vice President of the Rabi Alam, Yoshi 13 Chairman Siraj Ahmed, Deputy Director Parks New Karachi, Aftab Ahmed and other concerned officers are also accompanied by him. On this occasion, Rihan Hashmi directed the officers to complete the ongoing development work in the park so that the Uttar Pradesh YC No. 6 Immediately affordable entertainment. He said that the leadership of leadership is fulfilling the flexibility of providing facilities to local people as well as affordable leisure facilities on their doorstep, adding that despite the continual state of Baldia, continuing continuous development work There is a lot of plans, including repair of velvet water and sewage lines, lining of broken roads, garden renovation and playground accuracy. According to details, the municipalities of the Central Rihan Hashmi district center have been performing daily activities in the central and elegant districts of the district. Although there is a lack of funds and other facilities, various projects have reached completion. There are some of the projects in which their responsibility was not on the Middle East, but it was better to explain the problems and distress of the people. Let’s get rid of them. The Believers repair the sewage system of pipelines in repairing broken and dried water lines in different UCs from different funds, and the new sewage lines were needed where they needed them. They cost millions of rupees, but the Central Government The best interest in the vast majority of the interests is in progress. While the parks have been improved in various UCs, the Old Parks were upset, playgrounds were able to play for youth, while different UCs I was repaired and repaired for the damaged roads so that the residential and commercial Traffic flights remain in the lakes.

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