UIT and Canada Pakistan Business Council meeting held

Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) affiliated with NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, recently held a meeting at the UIT campus with The President of Canada-Pakistan Business Council (CPBC), Samir Dossal who was invited by UIT to explore opportunities for the two nations in the education sector.

The meeting was organized in collaboration with the CPBC the principal network partner of VPO and Canada beyond Borders to further strengthen VPO-CPBC initiative to establish a Canada Pakistan Education Council. This meeting was well-attended and a number of distinguished leaders including: A/Cdr. M. Nasir Uddin, Head of Grants Hunar Foundation, Mr. Syed Azhar Rizvi, C.E.O Cambridge Advisors Network, Mr. Rafiq Lakhani, C.E.O Rastek Technologies, Mr. Muhammad Awais, C.E.O Mindstorm Engineering, Ms. Tatheer Zafar, CBB Pakistan Chapter Coordinator and Mr. Allama S. Baqar Zaid, Chairman VPO attended.

Mr. Samir Dossal, President of CPBC, addressed the august gathering and spoke about the importance of developing ties between Canada and Pakistan, echoing the potential that lay in mutual cooperation and common goals of development.

UIT representatives stated that – “It’s our job collectively and everyone is committed to this cause of a Canada Pakistan Education Council, we must get the word out to institutions in Canada and in Pakistan to encourage them to look at opportunities. At the end of the day institutions in Canada are autonomous so it’s not one person who decides or dictates that a particular university in Canada must develop a partnership in Pakistan. But what we can do and are doing is when people travel to Canada we meet with universities and tell them about the potential in Pakistan and to develop their awareness about Pakistan and the opportunities that exist. We have to get the word out to Canadians and Pakistanis and to encourage them to get in contact with each other and start to talk about what they can be doing together. We are optimistic that we will see things happen.”

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