Pakistan was facing economical crisis because of inept rulers: Mehnati

Rich and hierarchical politics is being played and nation have to identify and elect right, sincere and experienced leadership boostup the economical condition of country.

These view were expressed by ex-MNA, and provincial Ameer of Jamaet Islami,  Muhammad Hussain Mehnati, while talking with mediamen at Badin Press Club on Wednesday.

Mr. Mehnati said that rulers were ruling the nation carelessly and they haven’t experience to deal the national affairs adding that without sincerity and expertise rulers lead the country to destruction.

Adding, he maintained that country was being faced economical crisis and different challenges. He expressed that its right and high time to change the politics behaviour and all politicians should pay heed to development and progress of the nation otherwise nation was ready to reject them ever.

Mr. Mehnati while facilitating the new elected body of Badin Press Club hoped that journalists will focus the real issues of people and highlight them adding that journalists can play key role in resolving the issues of public. He said that his party sees journalists with high sense of respect because we believe journalists were helping us to meet our political milestones.

On the ocassion, Tanveer Ahmed Arain, President, Badin Press Club in welcoming address, thanked the delegation of Jamaet Islami for thier cooperation and well coordination with media and assured his sincere effort aligned journalism to highlight public issues without any discrimination.

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