Karachi police arrest 23 suspects, including extortion and advertisement suspects, recovered heavy quantities of weapons, SSP District West

SSP District West Karachi Shaukat Ali Kuchyan said that the District West Police on the last 24 hours
Miscellaneous and advertisement partners in various activities. 23 suspects have arrested 2 rifle grenadines 13 tubs and 08 sacks and 227 ready-drawn limestone tobacco powder and raw material of 200 grams of cheese 10,000 liters Iranian diesel tanker number TUA-87703 mobile and 2460 rupees. Cash. While 05 vehicles have been seized by the police. On the other hand, SSP District West Karachi Shaukat Ali Khetyan, while following the orders, while conducting the orders, the police of Iqbal Bazaar, successful operation of SHO Thana Iqbal Market, Adel Ahmadaki. Failed to abduct the child. The accused named Bukh Land was registered with the opportunity to arrest the accused. The murder case was also involved in the limits of the accused criminal and Thaheen Mominabad.

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