The decision against Nawaz Sharif on Al Azaizia Case is based on the truth and facts: Nusrat Wahid


The former Prime Minister has always been talking about non-involvement in corruption. MNA

KARACHI: Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf MNA Nusrat Wahid has said that the decision against Nawaz Sharif on Al Azizia reference is based on truth and facts of the case. The former Prime Minister has been declared in-competent for another 10 years and has been sentenced for 7 years and penalty of US$.25 million and Rs.1.5Billion and confiscation of Hills Metal Establishment and other assets. The Prime Minister failed to provide money trail thus resulted into the destruction of his political career. In a statement Nusrat Wahid said that Nawaz Sharif has always been taking of non-involvement in corruption on various platforms and in his meetings- public gatherings as well as talk shows. All his statements have been proved wrong and he has been sentenced for 7 years on the ground of corruption – wrong and illegal practices. She further said that the former prime minister during his tenure had increased the burden of debts, instead of doing the work for the welfare of the people of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif increased his assets and made Sugar Mills, increased Bank Balance , bought properties and mills for Iron Bars. Due to these factors the country now facing and fighting inflation / recessionary impacts.
She said that if Nawz Sharif would have been an honest person the entire nation would have come to the street in his support. Now only up to Lahore the Muslim League workers and leaders are playing their due role, now the black mask from the face of Nawaz Sharif has been removed the nation now understands how corrupt he was. The former prime Minister must pay back/ return the looted wealth of the country to the depository and tender apology to the nation for the sins he committed during his tenure in the office as a Prime Minister of Pakistan

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