KVTC celebrates IDoD Karachi

Karachi Vocational Training Centre (KVTC) celebrated The International disability day with enthusiasm. Ambassador of Phillipines, Daniel Ramos Espiritu and  Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan graced the occasion.

Dainiel Ramos Espiritu inaugurated the International day at KVTC and visited the institute to ongoing activities and work of the trainees in different departments. He was overwhelmed by the tasks of the students and valued the efforts of the management.

During the event, workshop was conducted by Dr Mohammed Imran Yousuf social & mind science expert and master instructor of hypnotherapy and Dr Sobia Aftab a certified hypnotherapist and consultant clinical psychologist for the parents of the disable  on “parenting of children with special needs”.

The workshop was aimed to educate parents to accept the challenges confronted by their children and motivate them to achieve their goals.

Rhythm on drum circle was carried out by Faisal Gill along with the parents.

Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan appraised the activities of KVTC said that the institute met the modern form of teaching methods to prepare KVTC student, regardless of their disabilities, developing their abilities to play their role in the society.

Senator Haseeb said that for the past 20 years, Karachi Vocational Training Centre has demonstrated with unmatched success that intellectually challenged people can learn trade, hold jobs, earn livelihoods and live independently. Despite the limited resources available to the centre, many graduated trainees are currently employed in various jobs all over the city through their Job Placement Services, working efficiently and earning incomes just as any normal person. Some have even started their own families & live contently amongst us in society’s mainstream.

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