Seminar held on National Voters Day in SPC

Suajwal: On the occasion of National Day of the Voters, seminar was held on the importance of the vote in the Press Club under District Election Commissioner Naveed Aziz. Deputy Commissioner, Riaz Ali Abbasi, in the seminar, said that it is the responsibility for every attendant of the seminar to highlight the importance of the vote in their village and region. He said that the registration of women’s votes is very important because 50 percent of our society belongs to women, but with sad regrets the number of women in the list of voters is very low. He said that the vote is a nation’s trust and its our duty to use it rightly. Addressing the press club Suajwal, Hiadayatullah Khatti addressing the seminar told that the number of women’s entries in the voters list is very low and they are also prevented from casting votes. He said that the secret of domestic development is in the right use of the vote. He said, bring ahead honest leadership with the power of your vote. He advising the Election Commission Sujawal said that it should arrange seminars on the Union Council’s level on the importance of the vote so that the Election Commission’s message could reach more and more. Addressing the seminar, District Election Commissioner Naveed Aziz said that the registration of the vote is the right and duty of every person over 18 years and said that the use of the vote is very important to change the fate of the nation, so make sure to enter the vote, he appealed to the people that the names of those not enlisted int he voter list should visit the local election commission with their original National Identity Card before December 31to list their names in the voter list. Send your National Identity Card Number 8300 on your mobile phone, after which the response message will be received with the voter details. According to the new policy of the government, now the voter registration will not be able to enter the vote on any other address besides the permanent or temporary address listed on the ID card. In the seminar, various departments, people belonging to different fields and ordinary citizens participated in a large number. Assistant District Officer Education Mashooq Khawaja, District Education Officer Dost Ali, Information Officer Faraz Simon and DO Secondary Education Mohammad Siddiq also expressed views on the importance and utility of the vote.


Report by District reporter Sujawal, Shafiullah Memon

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